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Why Does Everyone Love BMW?


MLBM’s Brand Intimacy 2015 Report names BMW as the second most loved brand in America, behind Apple and ahead of Amazon, Coke and Starbucks. Yet Consumer Reports ranks BMW 10th out of 28 auto manufacturers, citing deficiencies in reliability and design. So where does Bimmer Love come from?

“BMW’s styling is consistently the best,” raves millennial John Michael. “Speed, power and I must admit, prestige,” adds Michele, an LA lawyer. Personally, I love how they handle.

Everyone has a different answer, which may indicate that BMWs boast an “x-factor,” making them adequate on paper but sublime in the driver’s seat.

Chris Butsch, @CarTalkChris

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John Landstrom November 5, 2015 - 3:13 pm

Don’t forget, BMW made motorcycles before they made cars. BMW motorcycles were always ahead of the competition with technological advancements. Shaft drive, ABS brakes, fuel injection, traction control and many more design features put BMW motorcycles ahead of the pack. Like the automobiles, BMW motorcycles have an almost cult-like following. BMW does not copy anybody and they do not look back. There machines are fresh and cutting edge.


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