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Week #15: Snowy Family Photo

by admin

  The last time I saw my Uncle John, a Jesuit missionary who died two weeks ago at 95, we gathered to hear him reminisce about his grandfather, Jack Spalding.

   My sister Van Waddy passed around old family photos, quizzically holding up one of a Victorian house in the snow. We were stumped.

    “That’s grandfather’s house at Peachtree and 14th,” Uncle John, Jack’s last surviving grandchild, exclaimed. “His children are standing out front.”

   Family member Bob Voyles showed it a few weeks later at a presentation at King & Spalding about its relocation. “If this real estate was good enough for your founder Jack Spalding in 1892, it’s good enough for your law firm today.”

   The firm voted to move from downtown to the same Midtown corner, where it’s been headquartered ever since.

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