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Mouthwatering vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving

by The 100 Companies
vegetarian recipes

There are now an incredible amount of recipes for the whole family to enjoy filled with flavors of cinnamon, maple, ginger, lemon and more, which allow even vegetarians and vegans to enjoy delicious meals on a holiday traditionally centered around a turkey.

• Cinnamon sugar-glazed carrots: Slow cooker recipe with cinnamon and hints of ginger.

• Ratatouille: A delicious healthy recipe loaded with vegetables and spices.

• Pumpkin risotto with goat cheese: Sweet and flavorful recipe that is perfect for the holidays.

• Quinoa and cranberry stuffed delicata squash: Packed with herbs and protein.

• Cornbread stuffing: A fun twist on a must-have Thanksgiving dish.

– Reilly Shallenberger, 360 Media, Inc.

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