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The New $20

by admin

André Ledgister, SPR Atlanta


I am a VIP on Open Table, which supposedly grants access to better tables, faster service and other unspoken perks while dining out in Atlanta.

For similar perks, one used to slip $20 or more into the host’s hand. Today, hosts will still take $20, but restaurants are changing their strategy. In this hyper-connected digital age, where failure is only one bad tweet, review or post away, it behooves restaurants to treat every person who walks through the door like a potential (good) reviewer.

So, is a good review the new $20 bill? Yes, and it’s worth so much more.

– André Ledgister, SPR Atlanta

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J.LeVar Bryan February 21, 2015 - 2:48 am

Great thought. Social media has given us more power than we had before. Truly leveling the playing field.


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