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Chapter 49: Crazy Ideas

by Jan Schroder


“This is your doing,” Phinizy shouted at Grace. “You’ve been putting crazy ideas in her head since you nursed her as a baby!”

“T’aint my ideas,” Grace said quietly. “She’s her own woman. She’s grown. She’s smart.”

Just then, Sugar opened the kitchen door and looked at Grace, Phinizy – and Suzan, sobbing in the corner.

“You get out of this house now and don’t ever come back,” Phinizy yelled at Grace, pointing to the door.

“No,” Sugar yelled. “Not her. Grace stays – or I am going to China.”

“She’s gone!” Phinizy yelled.

“Then I am too!”

Suzan collapsed in grief.

– Chris Schroder, SPR Atlanta


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