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A month ago, my wife and I accidentally shattered what we thought was an irreplaceable hand-painted bowl we received as a wedding gift.

Last week was our 16th wedding anniversary and, while normally we just exchange cards, I surprised her this year by waking her up with a surprise gift.

I not only remembered which couple gave us the bowl, I’ve maintained the relationship. With their help, I contacted the shop where they bought the gift and they recreated the bowl inscribed with our wedding date. Relationships saved the day once again, and helped get my wife the perfect gift.

– Rob Schulten, New South Construction

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Alexis April 10, 2015 - 7:21 am

As someone who has worked with your company in several capacities, I’m curious as to how you suggest applying this concept in business practice. While I agree with you that relationships can in fact save the day, my experience with NSC sadly does not lead me to believe this ideal is exercised company wide.


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