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Marion Bunch

by Jan Schroder

“It got me out of concern and sorrow of losing a child and got me focused on others and doing them service.”

– Click/Watch 100-second video by Mehran Moin

Marion Bunch was still mourning son Jerry’s dying of AIDS in 1994 when she attended a Brookhaven Rotary meeting in 1997.

Reading a story about the president of Rotary International’s plans to focus on AIDS, “I felt a tap on my shoulder and a voice in my ear saying, ‘Mom, get up and get going,’ ” she recalls in our Crossroads video.

She started RFHA, a nonprofit that helped educate 500,000 Georgia students and later, after visiting Africa, helped organize 5,500 Rotarians serve 320,000 citizens in five countries.

“I did the right thing by going ahead and doing this full-time.”

– Chris Schroder

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