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Sip on these summer cocktails

by The 100 Companies
summer cocktails

Ah, summer – the season defined by pool days, sunbathing and adventures. This year, your summer probably paints a different picture, but one consistency I plan on keeping is cocktails. Whether garnished with edible flowers, made frozen or over ice, these drinks are begging to be made.

• Strawberry-lemonade punch – Alcoholic or not, this tasty drink screams summer, from the bright colors inside to the berries on top.

• The Hermione Granger cocktail – Who says Harry Potter is just for the winter? This themed-drink contains raspberries, rosemary, lemon, and more.

• Wild rose petal sangria – Sangria, but better.

• Frozen peach Bellini – Easy, beautiful, delicious.

MaryGrace Williams, 360 Media, Inc.

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