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Summer 2018: Summer of the sandwich

peach sandwich

As we wrap up the season, I’m going to miss the simplicity and deliciousness of summer produce. It’s hard to believe, but I didn’t always enjoy fresh tomatoes. They say your tastebuds change every seven years. Thank goodness, because now I get it.

It’s not too late to enjoy my top three sandwiches at home:

– The caprese: fresh artisan bread, mozzarella, sliced golden tomato, sea salt, cracked pepper, olive oil, fresh basil.

– The original: fresh bread, sliced red/gold tomatoes, sea salt, pepper, Duke’s mayo.

– Open-faced peach: one slice toasted bread, ricotta, sliced peach, olive oil, salt, pepper, basil.

– Tara Murphy, 360 Media, Inc.

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