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Callanwolde: From Coca-Cola family home to arts center

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Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Druid Hills looks like a home plucked from a storybook. Henry Hornbostel, responsible for the Williamsburg Bridge in New York, designed the Tudor revival-style home completed in 1920.

Now a nonprofit community arts center, it was initially home to Charles Howard Candler, former president of Coca-Cola and son of the company’s founder. Callanwolde was donated to Emory University after Candler’s death. Later changing hands, it nearly fell into disarray until the Callanwolde Foundation was formed.

The name comes from the Candlers’ connection to Callan, Ireland, and the old English word for woods: “wolde.”

Savanna Sweeney, The 100 Companies

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