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Cyber Attacks Within


Last week, Fortune published a piece that would make any executive or HR department shudder. The exposé revealed that an increasing number of companies are dealing with unethical tech employees, such as those who threaten to sell the company’s proprietary tech information if the company doesn’t pay up.

One way to combat this is to take crucial precautions before adding someone to your payroll. Many companies are forgoing necessary hiring tactics due to the current tech talent shortage.

Always run a background check, follow up with references and thoroughly vet a resume before trusting someone with your company’s digital livelihood.

– Frank Green, ExecuSource

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Amy Francis March 6, 2015 - 9:26 pm

This type of commentary concerns me as an employer for one huge reason: it’s another excuse for companies to delve into an employee’s personal life. Do you really think the past is always an indicator of the future? How naive are we as hiring executives?

Yes, we need to know if you’ve been convicted of embezzlement, but do we need to know your credit score? Absolutely not. Do we need to know if you are diabetic? Of course not. Where does the invasion end?

Employees need to refuse background checks outside of criminal history – period. Credit scores and medical history and anything else an employer wants to dig into outside of criminal history is completely irrelevant and they know it. Period. It’s an invasion of privacy and I suggest employees revolt against it.

I will never ask an employee to let me dig into anything other than criminal because I have ethical standards higher than most employers.


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