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Bennett Brown

by Jan Schroder

“…my dad felt it was a waste of my business degree.

– Click/Watch 100-second video by Mehran Moin

In 1986, Bennett Brown knew he wanted to cater parties with an excellent barbecue pork recipe passed through his dad’s family. Only problem? He didn’t want to tell his dad, then president of Atlanta’s biggest bank and the Chamber of Commerce.

A few months later, when his dad heard he quit his job to start catering, he banished Bennett from the family – until a downtown lawyer stopped him on an elevator, bragging that Bennett’s event was the best meal the firm had ever served. Bennett’s late dad lived to brag about the recipe.

Today, Lowcountry’s team serves 80,000 meals annually.

– Chris Schroder

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Tree from Presbyterian college November 17, 2017 - 7:34 pm

Way to go Bennett … I knew YOU would do something like that … I remember the PARTY you had at yer mom AND DAD’S house … It was awesome till they came home unexpectedly … Yeeeee Haaaaaaa … !!


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