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Jeff Hullinger

by Jan Schroder

When it ended for me with a thud, there were a number of years where I was trying to figure where I was going from here.

– Click/Watch 100-second video by Mehran Moin

Jeff Hullinger’s voice has narrated so much of my sports media history, I didn’t realize he’d worked several places: local radio and TV stations, the Falcons and even ESPN.

“I think for a lot of us who’ve had long careers in whatever occupation, we may have taken it for granted, we may have viewed it as a birthright, that it’s evergreen, it’d always be because it’s always been. Well that didn’t happen with me,” Jeff said.

His takeaway: “It does matter who you work for and where you work. Respect and enjoy working for those people who sign your paychecks.”

– Chris Schroder

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