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The Good and the Bad About Airbnbs

Outdoor patio overlooking mountain and a body of water.

A villa in a vineyard in Italy, a houseboat in Amsterdam, a treehouse in intown Atlanta, or a condo overlooking a lake for your next business trip — these are all experiences you can have when you book an Airbnb.

But is staying in an Airbnb right for you? Dozens of travelers shared their stories with me, the good, the bad and the mildly inconvenient, like no water for one night. Yet despite some issues with a few rentals, most guests remain devoted Airbnb fans.

The minor risk seems to be outweighed by the reward of stunning properties and affordable rentals.

For guest stories on Airbnb experiences and referral code to save $40 on your first rental, visit here.

Jan Schroder, Girl on the Go

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