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Holler & Dash on Down for Biscuits


I have found my biscuit soulmate. Unlike the tasteless, lumpy concoctions I usually encounter, the biscuits at Holler & Dash are layers and layers of flaky, buttery goodness.

We tasted several of the delectable dishes at an opening of this new fast-casual biscuit restaurant on the Westside, where the biscuits are filled with ingredients like fried chicken, jalapenos, fried pork tenderloin, country ham and pimento cheese. If biscuits aren’t your thing, try the house salad with kale, Greek yogurt parfait or oat bowl.

Drinks include coffee, tea, craft soda, beer, wine and mimosas. Holler & Dash is open daily 7-4.

Jan Schroder, Girl on the Go

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