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2019’s best and worst pet Halloween costumes

by The 100 Companies

Forget kids – pets really deserve treats on Halloween. I can’t indulge (my 70-pound mix would be embarrassed), but thankfully, there are pet parents who have no shame dressing up their cats or dogs. Here are the best and worst 2019 pet costumes.

So cute you might die:

Unicorn kitty  –  speaks for itself.

UPS deliveryman  –  creative, adorable, pawfect.

Chia pet  –  great for dog or cat

Bad idea but still cute:

Dalmatian as firefighter  –  overdone.

Pumpkin spice latte pooch  –  leave animals out of this.

Cat in the hat  –  too easy.

MaryGrace Williams, 360 Media, Inc.

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