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2016 Lexus GS 200t


If Lexus’ new turbocharged I-4 engine underwhelms in the agile IS 200t, it’s destined to disappoint in a heavier, longer sports sedan. And it does. Thankfully the smoother V6 costs just $800 more, but does it matter?

The Infiniti Q50 costs $10k less, the BMW 5 Series outperforms and the Audi A6 gets five more MPG. Luxurious ride quality can’t save the GS since the 2016 Maxima rides cushy for $20k less. Reliability? Well, Lexus dropped the ball by bricking their infotainment systems last week.

The Lexus GS is a good car; it’s simply just not good enough anymore.

– Chris Butsch, @CarTalkChris

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