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Juice up your immune system this Fall

by The 100 Companies
Juice up your immune system this Fall

Looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet? Juice cleansing is a great way to do so while eliminating toxins from both inside and outside the body. Atlanta is home to several delicious juice bars offering easy, effective juice cleanse packages to try at home.

• Arden’s Garden: Wellness cleanses up to 3 days.

• Bamboo Juices: Organ cleanses.

• dtox: Skin cleanse, hangover pack, wellness cleanse.

• Kale Me Crazy: Garden cleanse and cleanse packages.

• Roots Juices: 5-day detox cleanse.

Additionally, for those looking to make their own juices, All-About-Juicing.com is a great resource for recipes and juice cleanse guides.

Claire Barkley, 360 Media, Inc.

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