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Grandma Pie Elevates Pizza Experience

Pizza topped with mozzarella cheese.

It has no fancy ingredients – just the basics of mozzarella, marinara, pecorino romano cheese, oregano and basil. It comes in one size, 16 inches square. It doesn’t even have a trendy name — it’s called Grandma Pie.

We strolled into O4W Pizza in Duluth on a recent visit to Parsons Alley, expecting our usual pizza experience. After the diners next to us extolled the virtues of the Grandma Pie, we ordered one.

It was one of the best pizzas we’d ever had, most likely due to the quality of the ingredients. Leftovers heated in a cast iron skillet were also delicious.

Jan Schroder, The 100 Companies

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W Forrest Coley Jr August 24, 2017 - 3:49 pm

Glad to hear the news. Anthony and family deserve the success they could have had in the O4W. Unfortunate CIRCUMSTANCES prevailed.


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