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Don’t Relegate Social Media to Interns

by Jan Schroder
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I’m still stunned when businesspeople say, “If only we had an intern to handle our social media!” That’s not what I recommend. Characteristics you do want in your “community manager:”

Clever: Always a fantastic conversationalist with a gift of gab and always ready with a witty retort.

Strategic: Willing to embrace a content strategy, adopt it, and prove its merits or lack thereof.

Leadership: Be like the mayor – lovingly lord over their town, get to know all townsfolk and lead by guiding conversation and building on discussions. They love their community, believe in it, and have empathy for their constituents.

Danica Kombol, Everywhere Agency

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Martha brooks August 24, 2017 - 5:05 pm

Brilliant advice! IF only such people were easy to find!


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