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Week 4: Giving Us the Time of Day!

by admin

   Your readership patterns continue to drive our strategy of The Atlanta 100. Tracking technology tells us more than 25,000 read our first three issues. More than 7,500 watched our videos and slideshows — all of which attracted more than 1,000 views each! Today, we have one video to watch directly in your email (or you can click through to watch it in full screen). Next Thursday, we’ll have at least two 100-second slideshows as so many of you are enjoying this innovative platform.

   We are testing the time of day you’d like to receive this eNewsletter. So far, our highest readership occurred when we delivered late in the day as opposed to early morning. So today we’re back to afternoon delivery. Perhaps in the future, we’ll let you choose what time of day you’d like to receive it. Please keep those comments coming!

   The fun continues all week — join us on The Atlanta 100 social media sites. You’ll find links at the bottom of this issue. Thanks for giving us the time of day. You’re telling us we are on to something. Enjoy!

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