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Is TikTok creating a mental health epidemic?

by The 100 Companies

Captions such as “signs you have depression,” now flood TikTok feeds as part of a popular trend where users claim widely felt emotions are indications of serious mental disorders. This trend is part of what has come to be recognized as a “TikTok mental illness epidemic.”

In Gen Z’s attempt to destigmatize mental health issues, they have instead glamorized and hyper-normalized mental illness to the point of being trendy.

The rising popularity of mental illness on social media has encouraged people to label their sadness as depression and temporary stress as anxiety, subsequently leading to a record high in self-diagnosis.

Maya Kaplan, 360 Media, Inc.

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S Norton July 1, 2022 - 3:02 pm

In reference to the abortion decision as reported in your Atlanta 100 on 7/1, it would be nice to hear from both sides of an issue from journalists such as your team. I’m disappointed that you only focus on the side in which “many citizens [are] angry and wondering, what’s next?” I am a woman – but I am also a mother, and I know that my child was a child before he was born. I also personally know women who have chosen abortion – and as is found in the larger femail population – most women regret this desicion later in life. How about an article from that side of the issue? Or one supporting women in desperate situations? How about some better, less biased reporting? Thanks!


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