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The Mercedes GLC 300 is the anti-Porsche Macan

by The 100 Companies
mercedes benz glc 300

Let’s say it’s a regular Monday, and you are browsing compact luxury crossovers from Germany (as one does). Which to buy: the Benz GLC, the Porsche Macan or the Audi Q5?

Well, which do you value more: poshness and comfort or speed and agility? The Q5 offers a bit of both, while its siblings skew far in either direction. The Macan is fun but spartan. The Merc, even with adaptive dampers, isn’t particularly thrilling to operate.

But dang if it isn’t gorgeous inside, graced with wood, aluminum and superb ergonomics. It’s a tossup, but the $42K GLC feels delightfully bourgeois.

Chris Butsch

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