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Logo Origins: Mercedes-Benz


In Germany during the 1880s, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler were perfecting the first high-speed car engines independently of each other. Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek spurred on Daimler, demanding faster and faster cars until the 40 km/h, four-cylinder was born.

In 1900, Daimler’s cars were branded with Jellinek’s racing pseudonym and daughter’s name, Mercedes. In 1926, the two companies merged to form Mercedes-Benz.

In a postcard to his wife, Daimler drew a three-pointed star, writing, “One day this star will shine over our triumphant factories.” This star inspired the Mercedes-Benz logo, representing its engines’ domination of land, water and air.

– Chris Butsch, @CarTalkChris

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