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by The 100 Companies

“I receive several newsletters and ‘outsider’ emails in my work email inbox.  Quite honestly — your e-publication is the only one I read through! In reality, I really don’t have much spare time throughout my work day. We are as busy as we’ve ever been in the health care industry; however, each time I read the first ‘100 word’ news sensation, special report or idea, I keep going and read on to the next. Impressive publication with short, concise and to-the-point reporting; I call that ‘perfection in a nutshell’! Keep them coming!”– Nita S.

“Happy Thursday! I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter. The various items you choose to highlight are always interesting and often very timely. I chair a committee that organizes events for our division, and we’ve started incorporating “shout outs” into our gatherings, so folks can be recognized for all the wonderful things they do. Recognition and gratitude is so important, to me, professionally and personally. So, in the spirit of an upgraded thank you, per the article below (which I will be sharing with my team, BTW), I must say “Well done!” – Danielle G.”

“Why don’t you do an american 100? With a balance between business, politics/law, international, art/culture, energy/environment and perhaps regrettably, sports…get Coca-Cola to sponsor…” – Bob T.

“Thanks for the nice piece by Mark about Bobby Jones. Our Friends of Bobby Jones Golf Course group is fighting hard to hold on to the historic course and clubhouse.”  – Tony S.

“I read The Atlanta 100 faithfully and enthusiastically. Thanks!” – Paula L.B.

“Thank you for sharing this profile of Julia.  She was an incredible leader in the running revolution that was so important in my life and many others.” – Betsy I.

“Great tidbit about transit!”– Rebecca W.

“Winecoff Hotel fire, my mother watched it burn. She was working at the Hurt Building as a secretary for Woolworth corporate office. She use to tell me the story of this tragedy. Just a little note to say I enjoy your newsletter.”– Mary R.

“I enjoy getting the newsletter here in Bogota, thanks to the miracle of electronics. I read this every week. So nice to be grounded in home-fixin’s this way.” – Charles M.

“I enjoyed your article and the pictures from UVA! The campus still looks the same 30+ years later.” – Patrick M.

“Nice write-up on Cabbagetown. I never knew!”– Dave M.

“This is such a great read.”– Joe B.

“Thanks for sending this; It’s a great way to quickly keep in touch with the hometown.”– Roby E.

“Great article on the archbishop. I just love this priest. He has done so much the Church since becoming an archbishop. He is very humble and sincere. He is truly an example of Christ’s love.” – Kathy S.

“I enjoyed seeing/watching this on Hala … Thank you for this reminder that there are wonderful, successful women in Atlanta that are making a difference.” – Sue K.

“I’m just now getting around to reviewing last week’s Atlanta 100 and watched the video highlighting Hala Moddelmog. Listening to her heartfelt story of how she felt compelled to learn how to survive on her own despite life’s unexpected curves, made me just want to clap loudly and congratulate her not only on her success, but her willingness to share her story so other women like her will be encouraged by her words.”– Nancy R.

“Love the Jeff Hullinger piece. First, I’ve always liked him as a TV personality. Secondly, I really appreciate his message.” – Sherrill M.

“I love the entire premise of the eNewsletter! I feel like reading through it gives me 10 conversation starters to hold in my back pocket.” – Bailee B.

“What a cool idea to cover and archive moments in the life of Atlanta. The faces of so many different human beings, beautifully “caught,” is inspiring, uplifting, and informing of a whole community in the act of living. You’re on the cutting edge here and I salute you!”– Lasley G.

“This is a fine piece of work, giving wings to an idea.”– Hodding Carter

“I’ve meant for months to tell you how much I enjoy The Atlanta 100. I’ve subscribed my out-of-town son.”– Maggie H.

“I just wanted to compliment you on the excellent job you and your team do with the newsletter. While my in-box stays crowded, it always pops out and the 100-word format lets me quickly breeze through the tidbits of info.”– Shira M

“Clever concept.”– Carol T.

“This is the coolest! Thanks for telling our story!” – Cecile K.

“Thanks for “The Atlanta 100” of April 24th featuring our Dave Fitzgerald. This is yet another good example of your creativeness, a necessary ability for a successful PR consultant.” – Sam M.

“Thanks for the distraction. The 100 has become my latest favorite way to procrastinate.” –Jackson H.

“Great videos. Thanks for sending over.” – Jim S.

“I love your newsletter. Great advice on customer service.” – Kathy S.

“Thank you so much for sending me The Atlanta 100! It’s always refreshing to discover something new and exciting. I’m an avid reader and I love the short snippets and they’re so colorful.”– Rita B.

“This is great – thanks for sharing!” – Carolyn N.

“Thanks for sending this publication. It’s a great quick read and very informative.” – Joe D.

“I truly enjoy receiving The Atlanta 100. Full of information! KUDOS!!!!” – Donna D.

“Thank you for making my day with The Atlanta 100 weekly story!”– Brooke W.

“This is a great newsletter. It goes deep into Atlanta, for real Atlantans, unlike anything else out there. This is a million times better than the AJC.” – Bo S.

“Your Crossroads videos are always enjoyable and entertaining, and sometimes inspirational. Keep up the good work! – Hayes H.

“I really enjoyed your newsletter! Great concept.” – Elaine L.

“Love this newsletter!” – Emily B.

“I love this mailing and the quick reads!” – Jim T.

“So glad you featured Byron, he is a great un-sung hero, and it is awesome to see him get this kind of spotlight. Nicely done!”– B.A. A.

“Thanks for sending this newsletter to me. I love it!” – Elizabeth B.

“I am enjoying your Atlanta 100. Keep up the good work. Glad I was still in your “Rolodex”!” – Guerry R.

“Love Jeff Galloway and continue to enjoy your videos.” – Sherrill E.

“Thanks for sending the 100 words e-letter.”– Johnny R.

“This is a brilliant idea, and I enjoy receiving The Atlanta 100.” – Tony W.

“Enjoying The Atlanta 100 so much. Thanks for my morning dessert. Keep it up!”– Gene D.

“I’m enjoying this concept and the articles.”– David F.

“This is really neat. Great concept :-)” – Lauren P.

“Nice work. I’m enjoying the 100!”– Jill L.

“I am really enjoying you 100 newsletter!” – Emily G.

“I LOVE the concept and platform you have created.” – Danny S.

“I really enjoy reading 100 words! Thanks!!” – Ninette S.

“Thanks! I love this newsletter!!” – Sarah D.

“This is an awesome newsletter! Thanks for putting me on the list.” – Rick G.

“I think The Atlanta 100 is a great idea. I wish you much success with that.” – Rick H.

“Awesome! Thanks.” – Courtney O.

“This is so clever. Love it!” – Barbara A.

“Love the new newsletter! Congrats on getting it done.” – Cindy C.

“Just read the whole thing. Love it!” – Melissa M.

“Congratulations! And thanks for including me on this exciting venture.” – Jeffrey O.

“Way to go, catering to our sound bite world! I will look forward to my Thursday’s for Atlanta 100!” – Julie H.

“Great idea! I love it! Looking forward to hundreds more!” – Molly W.

“Love this. Great content!” – Michelle H.

“Great article on the archbishop!” – Kathy S.

“Congratulations on your awards!”– Leigh Ann L.

“I was really pleased to see an article about the Cannon Chapel at Emory.” – Priscilla P.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your Atlanta 100 posting.  You find some of the most interesting short subject coverage around our community I have seen.” – Frank W.

“A personal note of ‘thanks’ for the ongoing reports that keep me updated on what’s going on, what was, and a lot of good advice about Atlanta! I keep many of the articles for future reference. Also, Jan’s articles are super! ” – Dan S.

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