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Blue: A Mindfulness Tale


Like many other millennials, Hill Schroder spent much of his childhood overly medicated. Yet it wasn’t until he ditched the medication for meditation that he finally began feeling calm and centered.

To help future generations develop a mindfulness practice at an earlier age, Hill spent his final days during a six-month stint at Mississippi’s Magnolia Grove Monastery writing a poem about Blue, an injured bluebird that is guided to physical and mental health by a zen-master chipmunk.

The poem, now in hardback form and accompanied by illustrations from Archer artist Nuri Keli, can be pre-purchased on Kickstarter.

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MartiEle schroder February 25, 2016 - 2:50 pm

Mindfulness- lIving in the present, not worrying about Past mistakes, Elinating negative self talk, eliMinating anxiEty. All are the result of just focused breathing your way to a clear head. Amazing that just this practice can have suCh a POWERFUL improvement in your life. Blue, hill schroder’s new book for childrEN (and aDultS) is An iNvaluable tool of strength for the young facing the difficulties for grammar and middle school studEnts: to fight anxiety driven perfectionism, peer presSure, and INSECURITy.


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