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John, Paul, George and Ringo

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During the pinnacle of Beatlemania, the Beatles paid a single visit to our city 50 years ago next Tuesday. On August 18, 1965, the English heartthrobs played a 12-song set to over 30,000 screaming fans in Atlanta Stadium.

Before the Beatles emerged onto the field from the third-base dugout, beginning with “Twist and Shout,” Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen presented the Fab Four with a key to the city during a pre-concert press conference.

Though they were only in the city for less than 10 hours, Atlanta still remembers the day as an important piece of “British Invasion” and Beatles history.

Emily Tracy, SPR Atlanta


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Steve Massell August 13, 2015 - 8:19 pm

My Dad was Vice-Mayor at the time, under Ivan Allen. Not only did my sister and I attend the show, we went backstage to meet them afterwards in their dressing room. Just as I remember – being 9 at the time!

Thanks for reminding me how old I am…

Beverley Clark August 13, 2015 - 8:56 pm

Loved the piece about the 50th anniversary of the Beatles concert at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium!

I was there…..8 years old. My 9th birthday was coming up in September and so my favorite uncle bought 2 tickets: my favorite babysitter, who I guess was 17, and I went! For many many years I kept up with my ticket stub and the Beatle Bus sign that I asked the bus driver if I could have when we got off the bus at the end of the concert! (Remember how they used to stick a poster board sign in the front of the dash…..) Unfortunately, somewhere over the years, moves, etc they have both been lost. But I clicked on the Youtube link and listened again….not that I remember much other than of course screaming and loving being there! I’ve seen the Stones, Bruce, REM, and many others, but how lucky to grow up with the Beatles!


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