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Atlanta Gateway Restoration

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Peter Forakis’ Atlanta Gateway sculpture towers more than eight stories above the warehouses of Fulton Industrial Boulevard. Its stance over the thoroughfare is akin to the Colossus of Rhodes, but instead of welcoming ships it welcomes semi-trucks.

The Gateway sculpture is the only survivor from the area’s 1960’s collection once called “the largest public collection of monumental contemporary sculptures in the world.”

In an effort to return the area to its artistic past, The Boulevard Community Improvement District is restoring the sculpture, including painting it its original Sunrise Red. Restoration will be complete in May. Click here for more information.

– Andre Ledgister, SPR Atlanta

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Gia Forakis May 19, 2017 - 7:57 pm

This sculpture is an example of Forakis’ life long exploration of actualizing an experience of the 4th dimension (space-time). as you walk around the piece you the planes of this polyhedron seem to transform, as if moving, to create a new polyhedron and illustrating that all of these polyhedron exists simultaneously in time and space.


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