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The Perfect Mix

by Jan Schroder

In our first Atlanta Technical School bricklaying class, our teacher emphasized a fundamental masonry lesson we later thought analogous to humanity.

“The secret to bricklaying is the perfect blending of three very different elements – cement, sand, water – into a sublime mortar mix,” he said. “Too much cement, the mortar’s too weak to support the bricks. Too much sand, the mortar won’t bind. Too much water, the mortar won’t stand properly on the bricklayer’s trowel.

However, when you mix the perfect mortar, all three different elements work together to create a more perfect union. Then, gentlemen, you can lay all day.”

Chris Schroder, SPR Atlanta

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Joy Grenier February 23, 2017 - 4:11 pm

Schroder, did you and driebe own a shirt in the 70s? Cheers to champagne and shirtless bricklaying!! #shirtless70s


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