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Tech Companies Rocking the Boat to Vote

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Recently, San Francisco venture capitalists have been making headlines for giving employees time off to vote. Here in Atlanta, tech staffing and recruiting firm ExecuSource is following suit.

For hourly folks, voting can be a difficult decision. You want to provide for your family, but you also want to participate in our great democratic process. Though Georgia law states employees who give “reasonable notice” to employers can vote, companies aren’t obligated to compensate them.

As a solution, ExecuSource is paying its own employees and contract, hourly employees they staff a few hours’ time to go rock the vote this year.

Emily Tracy, SPR Atlanta

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clay failor October 11, 2016 - 5:46 pm

That’s really great that execusouce is willing to take a financial hit to ensure their employees rights as citizens. frankly, I am shocked that more staffing and recruiting agencies aren’t following suit. way to break away from the pack and treat your employees less like commodities and more less assets!


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