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What Are Your Concerns?


At my recruiting firm, we once conducted a study where a control group of 15 job candidates left a job interview with the standard “Thank you.” Another group of 15 equally qualified candidates finished the interview asking, “What are your concerns that would prohibit you from hiring me?”

If the interviewer has a concern, this question opens up a dialogue where the interviewer can address any concerns, and the job candidate can offer a rebuttal.

Only two of the 15 candidates from the first group were offered jobs, while an astounding 11 individuals from the second group received job offers.

Frank Green, ExecuSource

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Joseph Anthony Boylan August 5, 2015 - 7:15 pm


I love your approach in the above article. I would really appreciate speaking to you regarding my current job search. When would be a convenient to have an introduction call on the phone?

All the Best – Jay Boylan – 404-823-1000


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