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Week #9: Happy New Year!

by admin

I’ll never forget Y2K – or December 31, 2000 – when all the world held its collective breath wondering if our computers would die because they were never properly programmed for the digital date change beyond 1999.

   One of the funnier pranks I heard about that night happened at another party, when one guest snuck down to the basement and just as the countdown finished … 3-2-1 … pulled the main switch on the host’s electrical panel so all the lights, TVs and computers went out at midnight. I wish I had thought of that one, though I might not have been invited back the next year. While it might be a little early to pull the plug on 2013, this is our last issue of the year, so we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to send you The Atlanta 100 for the past nine weeks.

   We’ve had a lot of fun creating it and we very much appreciate the wonderful feedback you’ve provided us. We’ve been touched by how many of you have watched each of our 100 second videos and slideshows – and we’ll be back on Thursday, January 9th with a new year of Crossroads videos, new slideshows and 100-word articles to keep 2014 an interesting year for you. Please visit our revamped website and keep in touch via social media. See you next year!

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