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Week 8: Gift of Giving


   Last Christmas, I adopted a holiday tradition that landscape architect Bob Hughes reported has made his family tradition a more rewarding experience: I asked my children not to buy me anything material, but instead to go to www.justgive.org and find a worthwhile charity to which to donate money in my honor.

      I didn’t want to know how much they gave, but I did want to know to whom they gave and why. Bob says that the practice not only engenders philanthropy, but leads to some really meaningful discussions in his family as they sit around the Christmas meal. Now that’s a gift!

   This week, don’t miss the cute 100-second slide show of dressed-up doggies at last Saturday’s Reindog Parade. Or the Crossroads with dynamic Sonja Williams, who has an inspiring story that began with her driving a forklift and continues with her expanding her own digital firm. And we have more gifts for you: Travel, management, crowdfunding, fiction and more. And yes, you can give a priceless gift subscription to The Atlanta 100 to your family and friends. Just sign up at our website. They’ll wonder what you paid for it!

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